Imperial Driving School in Werribee

Imperial Driving School in Werribee should be your preferred driving School if you want to learn driving from scratch. Our driving instructors in Werribee will make sure that you are on the road driving your car confidently as soon as possible. Plus our driving courses are cheaper than our competitors because we aim to equip people with the skill of driving without charging them a fortune. So come, invest in yourself to learn the sought-after skill of driving.

Features of Imperial Driving School in Werribee

This school provides an extensive range of driving services to assist novice drivers and new learners. It offers;

Manual and Automatic Driving Lessons

Imperial Driving Schools in Werribee provides both manual and automatic driving lessons. Learners can choose to opt for the one that they prefer. Both lessons are taught by our experienced driving instructors in great detail.

Fully-licensed Driving Instructors

Our male and female driving instructors are fully licensed with years of experience under their belt. Additionally, each one of our driving instructors in Werribee is rigorously trained to handle the issues of the novice drivers like jittery nerves, etc. They will also give you special guidelines to pass the driving test.

Flexible Schedule

Imperial Driving School understands that people are busy working most of the time. That is why our driving instructors are available around the clock to teach depending upon the schedule of the learners. You can choose to take lectures on working days or weekends so even people who work 6 days a week can take driving lessons.

Modern and Safe Vehicles

It equips the young learners with modern vehicles that are serviced regularly to ensure they run at optimum condition. The vehicles have passenger breaks too that can be used by the instructors when needed. Also, vehicles of all sizes are available and learners can choose to drive the vehicle of their choice.

Covid-19 Precautions

Imperial Driving School in Werribee enforces the Covid-19 protocol approved by the government. All of its instructors are fully vaccinated and tested regularly. They are also required to wear the mask and sanitize their hands as often as possible. We are eager to do everything we can to keep you and our instructors safe.

And this is not all; it also provides Pickup/drop-off services and personalized driving lessons etc. You can explore its website to know more about our services or you can just call the office directly. Thank you.